The Polish Naval Academy (Akademia Marynarki Wojennej – AMW) is an academic higher education institution and a military school under the supervision of Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Poland.


More about AMW:

Specialized in electronics, optoelectronics, GNSS, satellite observations, telecommunication, material science and robotics, the company is divided in two divisions:

  • - Research, Technology and Systems, that is involved in space and security sectors. RTS division provides prototypes, hardware and software.
  • - Application and Services works in collaboration with RTS team in order to provide the most accurate solutions in various sectors.

Based in Gdynia, it is also a military and scientific institution with expertise in navigation, hydrography, GNSS, hydro-acoustic, electronics and many others.

Some examples of achievements connected with the project are the software of EGNOS monitoring local station (for ESA), technology of the bottom harbor’s basin investigation or the system of the navigation of autonomous, surface platforms in the harbor (governmental grants).

For more information, please visit the Official AMW webpage!