BONUS is a European program launched in June 2010 by the Europeam Parliament in order to develop and protect the Baltic searegion. The goal is to bring together researchers and economical actors in the community of marine, maritime, economical and societal actores around the Baltic Sea. In association to the EU Framework, BONUS combines national research fundings and put them in application into an interdisciplinary and multinational program to support the region’s development

BONUS More about BONUS program:

“BONUS deserves special attention as a valuable, forward-looking model for other forms of future regional research cooperation with common European value, such as those in the regions of Danube, the Mediterranean Sea and the North Sea.”

Lena Ek, Member of the European Parliament, Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

According to its strategic research agenda, updated in 2014, BONUS aims at 5 main objectives:
  • - To understand the compelxity of the Baltic Sea ecosystem structure and functioning
  • - Meet the multifaced challenges in linking the Baltic Sea with its coast and catchment area.
  • - Enhance sustainable use of coastal and marine goods and services of the Baltic Sea
  • - Improve the capabilities of the society to respond to the current and future challenges directed to the Baltic Sea region
  • - Develop improved and inovative observation and data management systems, tools and methodologies for marine information needs in the Baltic Sea region.

For more information, please visit the Official BONUS Program webpage!